Concrete is part of our activity, we have 3 different crews to complete most of the concrete work requirements;

Driveway, walkways and slabs

New driveway installation or remove existing to install new one using heavy equipment and large trucks, give us the possibility to make the entire work in two sunny days. We provide a guarantee for labor and materials.

Basement ceiling enlargement

We can enlarge existing basements existing low ceiling but also create a basement from existing crawl space. Our work is performed based in P.E. Engineer plan design approved by County. During process, we minimize the risk with interspersed excavations. Basement enlargement includes the installation of new drainage system that avoids humidity and possible water licking. This work requires the use of heavy equipment and trucks to remove several tons of soil. Performance bond is provided.

Structural damage in foundations and basement walls

After damage evaluation, we provide to County with, ”Statement Engineer Certification” to obtain the permit and following recommendations make the corrections to fix the problem.

Other applications

Concrete work has many applications and we are ready to perform in any required work .